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“A smart, well-acted play, clever at delineating competing demands: the emotional intimacy of friendship and the privacy required to develop, or even dream of, attachments elsewhere... It’s a surprisingly incisive take on a time of life when newfound sexual freedom and large quantities of alcohol can wreak havoc on your ability to judge what matters most... A small, welcome oasis of entertainment in the middle of this fraught summer.”

-Laura Collins-Hughes, The New York Times

Read the full review  here. 

Read the full review here. 

Check out what playwright and actor Natalie Margolin has to say about inspiration, ke$ha, musicals, and more in her interview with Broadway World!

"We were looking for a piece that really spoke to our generation, that we all could relate to. It's about female friendships and the female experience today, with the hookup culture of today, the addiction to our phones."

"I love comedy and drama combined, I don't think the two should be mutually exclusive. If we never laugh, we never know what's lost. I think, ultimately, what I really react to the most is what's honest and true."

-Natalie Margolin